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  • Jenny Meiners (Tuesday, September 17 13 06:02 pm EDT)

    Our engagement party on 9/14 was a huge success largely due to the Retread Bluegrass Band. The music was awesome and set the tone for a really fun event. Thanks for coming. We'll definitely recommend
    the band to our friends.

  • kurt meier (Tuesday, February 26 13 04:05 pm EST)

    Are you available for a house party in Warsaw, KY
    on 4/13/13 for about 25 people

   Dave (Friday, August 24 12 08:59 am EDT)Sorry to inform that the August 26th concert is cancelled due to  

   funding issues. :-( Hope they can resurrect down the road!

  • James Tolliver(Thursday, July 12 12 01:37 pm EDT)

    I am a new fan of you band after hearing you Tuesday night. I made a recording of your concert in MP3 format that turned out with great quality. I would be happy to send them to you. Just let me know. I was the person taking pictures there.

  • Mark Schneider(Saturday, March 10 12 11:03 am EST)

    Really nice looking web site!

  • Lynn(Tuesday, February 14 12 05:43 pm EST)

    Great website!

  • Bernie Daniel(Sunday, January 29 12 11:21 am EST)

    Great site guys, looks very nice! Goes with your great music! Love that pic but next time get that fiddle and mandolin into the view! (<:

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